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I was born in Caldwell County, Kentucky, June 26th, 1841, in that part of said County that became Lyon County in 1854. My Father’s name was Leasil Stone and my Mother’s name was Nancy Killian. They were both born in Spartanburg District in South Carolina and were brought to Kentucky in their infancy. My father was born December 14th, 1805 and my mother was born March 17th, 1800. My Grandfather Stone’s name was Caleb, and my Grandmother Stone’s name was Rebeccah. My Grandfather Killian’s name was William and my Grandmother Killian’s name was [transcriber could not read]. Leasil Stone and Nancy Killian were married August 21st, 1822. Six children were born to them:

Temperence Goodwin Stone     born December 5, 1824
Caleb W. Stone    born December 29, 1826
Mary M. Stone    born August 7, 1828
Sarah Jane Stone    born October 25, 1830
Rebeccah Frances Stone    born October 28, 1837
William Johnston Stone     born June 26, 1841

My grandparents on both sides were farmers as were my parents. (more…)


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I have in my files the following biography of John Leasil Brasher, written by Kenneth J Brasher as the John L. Brasher family credential, and I don’t have any idea what that would be for.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Grandfather John Leasil Brasher was the first of seven children born to Andrew Jackson Brasher and Temperence Goodwin Stone, offspring of sturdy pioneer people, who left Virginia and South Carolina and came to Kentucky.  Here they cleared forests and made large plantations (more…)

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Since no one has said I can’t post this, I will go ahead, hoping that I transcribed it correctly (and if I didn’t, someone will contact me about any necessary corrections).

Perdita Brockbank Guymon put her address at the bottom of this biography, but because this is a public blog, I’m not going to include it.


My Grandfather, John Leasil Brasher, was born on the 9th of August, 1843,  in Lyon County, Kentucky. His parents were Andrew Jackson Brasher and Temperence Goodwin Stone.

Grandfather was the oldest child of a family of seven. Their names (more…)

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First of all, I  found the following biography in “Prominent Citizens of Huntington” HISTORY OF SANPETE AND EMERY COUNTIES, pp 646, 647, 1898:

“Brasher, John L., farmer and local agent for the Co-op Wagon and Machine Company in Emery county, son of Andrew J. and Temperance, was born in Caldwell county, Kentucky, August 9 1843. His father owned a fine plantation and he grew up on the farm. Just before the fall of Fort Donelson he enlisted in the Confederate Army (more…)

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