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After I received the copy of John Stone’s will, I wrote to Captain Stone’s granddaughter and asked her to send me a photocopy of the family bible she had shown me when we visited her. I believe it originally belonged to her great-grandmother, Nancy Killen Stone.

She was kind enough to do so, and I have attempted to transcribe it below.  I apologize if the format seems strange.  I wanted to show it as close to how it was written down as possible.  There are several different handwritings in this bible, as might be expected.

I have added links at the bottom of each page to a pdf file of the photocopy of that page. If I were to include each page as a photograph, I think it would take too long for this post to load.

page 1
Family Record
Marriages (first column)
Leasil Stone and his
wife Nancy Stone
were married August 21st
in the year of our Lord
A D 1822 (more…)


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